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Doug Yeaman, a powerful applied systems analyst, communicator and authority on management and organizational development and productivity. He has consulted to hundreds of companies and trained tens of thousands of professionals, is the co-founder of DriveEarnings and is the founder of Quantum Management Systems.

 A highly respected management consultant, he is known for his ability to design, develop and train people within organizations, enabling them to become highly productive and in enabling organizations to become high performance systems.

 He is credited with introducing the concept of people positive accountability support systems to organizations and is the creator of the respected “Vertically Integrated Accountability System.” He is considered and expert in applied General Systems Theory. He has a proven track record in boosting executive effectiveness, employee performance and corporate profits.  

 Mr. Yeaman's impressive track record includes a physics and math background, building his first computer at the age of 10 and founding a soft drink company at the age of 23 which he subsequently sold to a Fortune 500 company which began to establish his now national recognition and reputation. He is considered and expert in applied General Systems Theory. Mr. Yeaman spent several years as a business consultant in Europe and the United Kingdom working with among others, Rank Xerox, British Leland and Barclays Financial.

 He is the author of the “Power of Commitment”, anthology “Einstein’s Business”

 Some of Mr. Yeaman's impressive projects include his involvement with the Soviet-American Task Force as a facilitator and the first Soviet-American Citizen Summit Conference initiating the current Soviet-American Citizen Exchange.

 While active with Quantum Management he founded At-Choice a nonprofit organization helping the unemployed and Youth-At-Choice… helping troubled youths find alternatives to drugs and alcohol. Mr. Yeaman along with Dr. Jerry Jampolsky organized and financed a conference on AID's. Quantum Management's Trainings were developed by Douglas M. Yeaman. He is widely involved in civic and business leadership. A national speaker at conferences and seminars, he has led symposiums along with such notable people as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Buckminster Fuller, and Jerry Jampolsky, M.D.  He continues to consult with top executives at major corporations. He has worked with Aristotle Onasis, Richard Nixon.

 In addition to the his executive consulting and coaching and creation of his training seminars, Mr. Yeaman authored the book "The Power of Commitment", in an anthology “Einstein’s Business” and is currently finishing another book: “The What Works Code.”

His education is in physics and math with extensive post work in management and human resource development. He is considered and expert in applied General Systems Theory. He has worked with Aristotle Onasis, Richard Nixon and on a leadership project with Peter Senge at MIT.

He is the author and creator of:

         The Power™ Of Commitment

         The Laser™ Management Training

         The Sales Environment Learning Laboratory™ - S.E.L.L.™

         The Masters™

         The Quantum Leap™

         Quantum-Power Presentations™

         Committing Communications™

         Scientific Marketing™

         Leadership 2000™

         Commitment Intensive™ Workshops

         The Quantum Home Tour™

         The Journey To Masters™



He has worked with such companies as:

         Rank Xerox (Europe)™

         Xerox USA™



         McKinnen Broadcasting™

         Clear Channel - Airwatch™

         Coldwell Banker™


         Axiom Mortgage


 In addition he has worked with many major real estate, mortgage and financial companies in the country as well as many other large multinational organizations and is in constant demand as a public speaker and trainer. His company, Quantum Management, is a unique consulting service generally engaging in turnaround situations and working for fees only as company profit sharing. We offer consulting and training services for every department within your company. We have a proven track record in boosting executive effectiveness, employee performance and corporate profits.  

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