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Sales Environment Learning Laboratory


This is a commitment-based and activity-oriented training that is both informational and transformational. While it is not specifically motivational…people do come away from the training feeling both motivated and energized.

The training deals specifically with the techniques that are critical to success:


Participants learn how to evaluate their use of time and to look at what prevents them from getting what they want. They learn to evaluate the present reality about themselves, their customers and their environment as a first step in creating what they want.

The Sales Environment Learning Laboratory training (SELL) is structured to bring out the power that is already within each one of us. It is the kind of power that lets us look at life through our own eyes..that lets us deal with life and business on our terms.


The training deals specifically with techniques that are critical to success:

Organization and Time Management, which gives a way of measuring your progress precisely.



To tie it all together into a cohesive experience, participants will be asked to "role-play" the techniques they have learned. To achieve a sense of realism, successful sales people working with Quantum principles, will act as facilitators. By sharing their experiences, participants will get firsthand exposure in how to deal successfully with the varied situations they'll come across in their daily quest for more sales and listings.


Using the principle of commitment, we lead the participants to a Time Management System like you never saw before. It's impact is to give you freedom to set and reach your goals, measure your progress and allow you to fully enjoy yourself when you work. By the same token, when you decide to not work you can enjoy that without reservation.


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S.E.L.L. Commitment Intensive Workshop


Quantum offers follow-up workshops to our S.E.L.L.Ô training. These Commitment Intensive Workshops are designed to support recent participants in actualizing the principles they have learned during the training.
Topics covered in these workshops include:


Although there is no charge for the workshops, participants agree to support Quantum by helping to enroll two people into our next scheduled S.E.L.L.Ô . The commitment encourages people to go into their industry and environment, to use the principles of the Sales Environment Learning Laboratory and to actualize them fully in interaction with others.

Quantum will instruct salespeople in the following things:


Learning the steps of a successful committing communication or "probing and needs analysis":

  1. Determination. Determine the client’s needs/benefits (Define Parameters)
  2. Presentation. Show the client how to achieve their benefits.
  3. Closing. Once the benefits for the clients wants and needs are established, then they are trained on how to get the client to buy the product that meets those needs.
  4. Develop client loyalty or committed client relationships. Once the client has their needs satisfied they will want to business with company again, high client satisfaction builds the future business.

Quantum Management Systems has been training salespeople and managers for over 24 years, and has become synonymous with productivity. Our unique method of training enables managers to become more effective in recruiting new salespeople, as well as taking marginal producers and building them into core producers.

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The Journey to Mastery


In one year you can master your career. Journey to Mastery™ is an intense, one-year career training that guarantees results. In a survey of beginning real estate agents, Quantum compared its graduates with the 7 highest producing brokerage companies in Southern California. In their first four months in the business,

Journey to Mastery™ graduates outsold the rest of the industry's new agents seven to one. Whereas it generally takes new agents months to begin producing, those trained in Journey To Mastery™ career management began closing sales their first month on the job!

Starting a career path is a critical choice to make.

People travel many paths looking for success, but only the Journey to Mastery™ method assures you of the best way to be effective. We do not teach sales techniques, we teach you to establish relationships. From these relationships comes "good business."

The training is a five-phase process that covers the following areas:

Phase I --The Power of Commitment™

You will learn to fully integrate your personal and career goals.

Phase II Business

You will boost your effectiveness in the three areas that assure business success:

Phase III Relationships

You will learn how to set and manage the standards in your life, not the people, making your business relationships more productive.

 Phase IV Vision

You will establish your own vision for your career - and learn to make it happen!

 Phase V Mastery

You will combine the skills in the preceding phases to bring integrity into your life and career.


Make a contract with excellence

To join the Journey to Mastery™ training and make a contract with excellence, you must:



Financial options

The tuition for the one-year Journey to Mastery training is $4000. The following arrangements may apply:
You may pay a discounted $3000 full payment. We accept Master Charge, Visa and American Express credit cards. You may pay via a personal loan with no down at the discounted rate of $3000.
Your tuition may be paid through Broker Company supported financing with Quantum Management Systems. In the event of non-completion, the note is due and payable by the Licensee.

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Laser Management Training

"Increasing your net may mean learning to jump without one."

When business growth doesn’t meet its potential, top managers can ALWAYS do something about it. Most don’t. Why? Because they continue to use the "safe and sure" business procedures they are familiar with. Most executives haven’t learned that doing more of, working harder at and getting better at what doesn’t work...doesn’t work. Your can’t change your success level without changing the management techniques that produced it.

LASER Management helps you, as a corporate decision-maker, realize profits you never before thought possible. It works the way a LASER beam concentrates light. By replacing diffuse, energy wasting management techniques, LASER lets you concentrate the full capabilities of your corporation, to make it a cutting edge in its field. Those who see success in their lifetime see things differently.

LASER™ Management is training in leadership. It begins by helping top management define their unique vision of the business. Vision is the expressed network of shared values that shape and design and focus an organization. It is the essential nature of leadership.

After shaping a corporate vision, you will learn how to help your employees utilize their full potential to carry it out, assuring its success.

We show managers how to manage by setting standards instead of "bossing" people. Most importantly, we show how to increase productivity in the current market. Laser Management Systems teaches managers to run their agency like a business, by getting away from "babysitting" and towards insuring that the office stays a workplace with a team of professionals.

To achieve this kind of effectiveness takes much more than just good management skills, it takes leadership. We teach the skills necessary to bring out the quality managers strive for in their business. We show how to create a vision for a company, in both the short and long terms, and how to motivate salespeople in a way that keeps them motivated.

We work closely with managers, helping them to implement the Quantum Management principles into their offices. The first phase of the training focuses on the creation of action group meetings for marginal and non-productive salespeople. Through the use of the principle of commitment, managers can support their salespeople in increased productivity. The accountability process allows managers to support those salespeople who are going to produce while identifying those that are not.

The second phase of the training initiates a long-term recruitment program.


A dramatic increase in productivity results from recognizing the salespeople who are going to produce and letting go those who are not. By supporting salespeople who produce in the lower third of each office, managers can directly influence the number of transactions for this group.

Managers will learn to identify productive salespeople while working with them in Action Groups. Managers track the salespeople' activity through the process of accountability. The process empowers salespeople to clearly see what they will need to do to become more productive. It is in the Action Groups that salespeople choose to align with company standards or to work someplace else.


Creating a structured recruitment program that includes working with future salespeople during the licensing process satisfies three needs. First, it enables managers to track students during their licensing period: to groom them so that they work effectively and in alignment with office standards. Second, it provides a steady stream of new salespeople. And, third, it creates a resource for expansion into new markets.

Program Objectives

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The Power of Commitment™

The Power of Commitment™ is structured to bring out the power that is already within each one of us. It is the kind of power that lets us look at life through our own eyes--that lets us deal with life and business on our terms.

The training deals specifically with techniques that are critical to success:

To tie it all together into a cohesive experience, participants will be asked to "role-play" the techniques they have learned. To achieve a sense of realism, successful sales people working with Quantum Management principles, will act as facilitators. By sharing their experiences, participants will get firsthand exposure in how to deal successfully with the varied situations they will come across in their daily quest for more sales and listings.

Using the principle of commitment, we lead the participants to a Time Management System as never seen before. It’s impact is to give you freedom to set and reach your goals, measure your progress and allow you to fully enjoy yourself when you work. By the same token, when you decide to not work, you can enjoy your free time without reservation.

This is a commitment-based, activity-oriented training that is both informational and transformational. It is not motivational (although most people come out of the training both motivated and energized). Participants are taught how to evaluate the way they are using their time (time management with a twist), and to look at what are the things that prevent them from getting what they want in life. Participants learn to tell the truth about themselves in a non-judgmental way and to create relationships with others that are honest and non-judgmental.

Participants learn techniques for creating success by making and keeping commitments and develop clarity about what is, and what is not, a commitment. Out of this process, people begin to see what is truly important to them and can apply the principles for success in all aspects of their lives.

Client management is a focus throughout the training. Participants learn to create relationships with clients that facilitate the selling process and reduce the stress normally attached to transactions. They also learn a process by which it is easy to determine which customers are going to become clients and which ones are not, which reduces the time wasted on relationships that will never become productive.

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Home Tour Certification

Every element of a successful Home Tour is practiced in this module. All of the prospecting activities are completed during this process, including the development of a personal marketing piece to be used in the door-knocking process.

A dress rehearsal for the actual Home Tour is conducted. The participant is first certified in using the scripts and language, which are an integral part of the process. Next, the staging of the home, including the materials necessary to conduct a successful Home Tour are reviewed.

The participants practices using all of the props, scripts, and body language that is integral to this method of prospecting. By the end of this training, participants are certified in the Home Tour process and are able to get attendance and appointments at a very high rate (minimum of 20%), making this process one of the most powerful and concentrated prospecting tools available today. Click here to read more about the Quantum Home Tour™.

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Masters Training 

- a training for highly committed people. Next scheduled dates:

Tuition: $2,000.00

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Quantum Communication Certification

This is the Certification in probing skills, needs analysis and committing communication that gains you mastery working with buyers. Client Certification, the actual steps that take a prospect to closed business.

Quantum’s Doug Yeaman is the author of this proprietary, pioneering technology that is respected and regarded as the ‘best in the field". Literally tens of thousands of individuals have been trained in this skill set. It provides solution oriented communication techniques to all types of individuals and is the single most powerful non-manipulative communication system in existence today!

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Quantum Leadership Training

Today's marketplace is challenging and ever-changing, demanding more from leaders and managers than ever before. In this fast-paced and complex environment, leadership and organizational skills are becoming more and more vital. Traditional management techniques have neither enhanced our insight into contemporary problems, nor given us the wisdom to deal with them effectively. These "normal" techniques often compound the very problems they are intended to solve. 

Leaders in both the public and private sector often feel overpowered by forces seemingly beyond their control, and typically find themselves struggling to protect what they already have, instead of moving forward with new visions and objectives.

In today's business climate, success depends on an organization's ability to be highly productive while maintaining the loyalty of its people.

Many executives have found that the warning signs of lagging effectiveness in an organization include: not reaching targeted results, resistance to instituting new ideas, structures that are bureaucratic, political, and harmfully competitive, distrust of management and fellow workers, and a lack of enthusiasm, commitment and energy.

To correct these problems, many organizations have tried new systems, new skills, or new tools and techniques. By themselves, however, such remedies for discrete issues have often proved insufficient to bring about the degree of effectiveness required by today's rate of change. A crucial perspective was missing - informed consideration of the basic conditions that underlie those issues.

There exist a small but significant number of organizations engaged in daring experiments. These companies fundamentally alter our understanding of how a group of people can work together. They are committed to the absolute highest, both in organization performance and human satisfaction, and view themselves as demonstrations of how society can work to everyone's fulfillment.

The essence of the metanoic organization is the shift from the point of view, which holds people bound by current circumstances to one that empowers them to create the circumstances they want. Individuals in such an organization become inextricably linked to a higher purpose common to all in the organization. They infuse their organization with the necessary commitment and energy to collectively realize a vision of a better world.

"Breakthrough in Organizational Effectiveness" is a three-day workshop that will help you identify and generate the conditions that encourage productivity and growth. We show you a new view of management, and work with you to discover how to create an organization that motivates people to achieve their full potential.

The result is simple yet profound. You will learn a way to manage that helps your people to expand their sense of responsibility for their organization and its performance. You will learn management theory and intuitive decision-making skills that lead to practical action and tangible results.


You will learn the power of: understanding and managing underlying corporate conditions

Balancing intuitive and analytical decision making

Shifting the corporate culture

Expanding the sense of responsibility for the organization and its performance

Aligning and motivating teams

Breaking through self-limiting habits and unchallenged organizational assumptions


A select group of senior executives has been invited to participate in the workshop, with groups of representatives coming from several organizations. After a general session at the beginning of each of the three days, working groups will explore the problems in their own organizations and consider possible solutions.


Webster's Dictionary defines alignment as: "a condition of close cooperation." Converting individual commitment and resources into collective accomplishment requires alignment of individual aims. When all intentions, motivations, actions and values fall into line, an organization moves into a state of high performance. One may disagree with you but still align. Alignment allows for those who disagree to remain within the larger group vision.

Effective leaders forge alignment through sharing their vision and enabling the people they lead to do the same. When individuals express their personal visions, a recognizable common purpose emerges. By recognizing that alignment, individuals see that by fully expressing their own ideas and capabilities, they naturally help to accomplish the group's goals.


In traditional styles of management it is possible for people to hide behind their skills, titles, and roles. In leadership there is no hiding. To stay in personal power, a leader participates with the principles that generate life.


Dynamic leadership requires the ability to create and express a vision that points the way for others. The power of such a vision comes directly from its use as a channel for detailing a fundamental, but often intangible, collective purpose. An inspired organization must have a strong sense of purpose. A workable, captivating vision serves as both a way for people to discover an underlying purpose and as a reference point, which they can align around.

"...and for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor."

- A personal stand taken by the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence


Sound organizational design is essential for effective leadership. A leader's responsibility goes beyond directing others. It requires understanding an organization as a complex mechanism and devising policies and procedures that permit individual effort to be effectively translated into collective results.

Great leaders develop an ability to discern fundamental structural causes of problems, instead of relying simply on "throwing" more human and financial resources at those problems. They learn to recognize the ways that complicated systems naturally resist attempts to change them; they also learn to identify the "leverage points," of an organization, which amplify "minor" changes into pervasive improvement throughout a system.



Great leaders create environments in which people's abilities emerge and develop naturally in the course of getting the job done. This ability to empower others transcends management style and personality. It is grounded in a state of being: the experience of inherent greatness in yourself and others. Without this experience, one resorts ultimately to coercion in the attempt to have people fully utilize their abilities 


Enterprising leaders need a balance of intuition and rational analysis. There are no rules for creating a vision that inspires people - it is a deeply personal intuitive process. Unfortunately, intuition alone is not enough. Leaders need the ability to examine and clarify complex organizational patterns and murky issues. Great leaders develop a unique harmony of intuition and reason. Intuition guides their analysis, yet they constantly scrutinize those insights with rational examination.


Consistently producing intended results is the essence of mastery. It requires the insight and wisdom to work with, or in spite of, conditions rather than against them, while never losing sight of one's vision and ideals. The best leaders naturally inspire others with their steadfast commitment to their personal standards of achievement and excellence.


The workshop fee is $650 per participant. The fee does not include lodging or meals.

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Life Management Training

A training in breakthroughs, LMT brings into focus fundamental operating principles of human action and interaction, which leads to greater productivity and fulfillment for the individual. This is the premier training of Quantum that so many graduates from every walk of life recognize as the point of real change and growth that moved them into getting exactly out of life what they want…relationships, money, family, and self-actualization.

 Life is about possibilities. The more possibilities to which you are open, the more opportunities there are in your life. Through the Life Management™ Training you will view your own limitations and potentials in a new light. When you are fully committed, whole new avenues of possibility open up before you. How does one become more committed? Our assumptions limit our possibilities.

Changing your assumptions is like using a compass to change your course through life. But, using a compass that is in error directs a course of error. You can not change course simply by reading the compass more or better. You need to change the compass itself. We often limit ourselves by simply re-ordering our same set of assumptions. Working harder, better and smarter with a system of assumptions that continues to take us off course keeps us from attaining our goals.

 This training is designed to bring balance into your life by enabling you to produce change. You will learn how to take responsibility for your results and how to re-determine your trajectory. Life Management™ Training is designed to empower you to live your life's vision. Let our trainers show you how to take charge of all aspects of your business and personal life through Time Management, Accountability, and Commitment.

 Even if you have a thousand reasons why you are not where you want to be in life, we can give you the tools needed to get you there. By demonstrating the power of commitment and accountability you will understand how your actions can help you reach your goals. You will see how, by holding yourself accountable, you can create positive change in your life. The choice is yours--it is up to you to produce change in your life.

 The Life Management™ Training lasts three weekends. During this time you will be exposed to trainings, group interaction and individual participation. You will look at your commitments to work, to your personal life and to the time you spend enjoying yourself. We can show you time in your day that you didn't even know you had.

This is not a motivational seminar. Though motivational seminars are good they rely on boosting feelings. They "rev" you up and get you excited about change. In the Life Management™ Training you will learn through experiential training and discover the nature of change.

Through the experience of Life Management™ Training you will encounter the obstacles and barriers in your life. The training gives you the opportunity to uncover your underlying assumptions. Understanding these assumptions enables you to re-determine your future. Take Quantum Management Systems' Life Management™ Training and get in control of what is most important to you--your life.

Whatever you can do,
or dream you can,
begin it.
Boldness has genius,
power and magic in it

Next scheduled dates:

Tuition: $595.00

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Quantum Leap

September Tuition: $595.00.


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Quantum Youth Training, Level I and II

The tuition if $495. We also have a family rate if there are more than three direct family members attending either Youth trainings and/or The Leap.

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Communication for Couples

Next scheduled dates:

Tuition: $695.00

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Quantum Image Training

Tuition of $795.00. At that price this event is a steal.

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Preview Groups

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q. Do I have to pay in full?

A. Yes, you need to pay in full prior to the start of the training. We will gladly transfer your enrollment to the next scheduled training if you have not paid in full.


Q. Is this New Age?

A. Actually, we're not exactly sure what "New Age" is. Our trainings are based partly on the ideas of Thomas Jefferson who once said, and we paraphrase, with freedom comes responsibility. During the course of the training, we will refer to principles. Principles, like the principle of gravity, work no matter what, and from this base we build the bulk of the training.


Q How long is the training?

A. the Life Management Training lasts four days: a Saturday, Saturday/Sunday and a Saturday. As for the length of each day, our standard answer is, "as long as it takes." We have seen trainings run until ten in the evening, and until two in the morning. It depends wholly and completely on the participants. The S.E.L.L.™ training is 5 days and runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm with a lunch break. Call us concerning other trainings.


Q How often is the training?

A. The Life Management™ Training is presented four times each year, in January, April, July and September. The S.E.L.L.™ training runs as scheduled in your area with your company or as demanded by the needs of our clients.


Q How big are the trainings?

A. Our average is from 150 to 200 people.


Q What happens during the training?

A. The training is experiential. The first day lays the foundation for the training. After you have gathered information and ideas, you get a week with which to work with them. The training "happens" for each individual, so it is difficult for us to predict exactly what will happen for you.


Q Should my husband/wife or children attend the Life Management training with me?

A. We have found it to be very supportive if members of a family unit take the training together. You will find yourself changing over the course of the training, and it's helpful to have those close to you with you. We also know that if you go through the training without them, they will want to go through themselves at a later date. They will see the positive change in you and will want to experience it for themselves.


Q Do I have to stay for the entire training?

A. Yes.


Q What kind of people attend the trainings?

A. There is no one "type" of person who attends Life and Career Management. We have representatives of all ages from all walks of life.


Q Is this a Sales training?

A. Though many of our clients are in sales, this is not a sales training. This is a training in relationship. The S.E.L.L.™ training is designed for specific industries and although the language is tailored to the industry the training and its principles are 100% transportable to any other industry or field.


Q Why should I go?

A. If now is the time for you to make a change in your life, or if you want to live life more fully, with a deeper understanding of yourself, taking this training will be of benefit to you.


Q Who does the actual training?

A. Quantum Management Systems' Director of Training, Douglas Yeaman, is the senior Trainer for LMT. He is supported by a fully qualified co-trainer.


Q I've been to motivational seminars before, how is this different?

A. Though LMT is often motivating, it is not motivational. We find that purely motivational seminars "pump" you up while you're at them, and then send you off without the basis to implement their theories. Our trainings are based on principles. Principles are life-generators that work no matter what. Consistent application of the principles keeps what you learn in LMT in place. The training empowers you to take control of your life and outcomes.