The Vision Of The Masters™

Letter #1
The Quantum Home Tour™
By Doug Yeaman
with A. Cummings


This is the first issue of what will be a weekly abstract on the successes of Quantum Management Systems'Home Tour" graduates. Those agents who have completed this training agree that they possess a uniquely different approach to the "Open House" strategy of home selling, and they now provide a pleasant alternative to Orange County home sellers and buyers. This dynamic and different concept has resulted in some unexpected breakthroughs for many agents.

 Ena Vorobieff in the Tustin office of Coldwell Banker says:

"This really works, It takes a lot of time, but time that is very well spent. The rewards are enormous."

Ena held a "home tour" on a property in Orange Park Acres during the month of April and sold that property,in the $900,000. range, to a family who then listed their old home with her for $322,500. Ena also met a man who bought a $455,000. home for himself, then listed his fiancee's condo with Ena for $125,000. which she just sold herself, then listed his mother's home for $265,000. and introduced Ena to a buyer of a $2,000,000. property, still to be found. Last week's Home Tour presented another $1,500,000. buyer!

What a great success story for a hard worker!  

Ena says that a lady who also visited her Home Tour loved the baking cookies and said, "Ooh, This smells just like my grandmother's kitchen!"

Ena's number is 832-0020. ext.112. Her pager no. is [714]324-4225.


"I believe in it! Just go do it!" ..Malcolm Gillies


Joyce and Ricky Davis of Coldwell Banker's Irvine office belong to the President's Club and are multi- million dollar producers for their careers. They began using Quantum's Home Tour techniques in January and on the 26th week of this year have sold 26 homes!

 The Davis' response to this success clearly displays their concern for the future, "Two homes, in particular, that we held open, sold so quickly that we really had no time to establish a Coldwell Banker presence in those neighbor-hoods, and that was our main thrust!"

 He later said, "Two agents from other companies visited our latest home tour and were very interested in learning to use the home tour techniques in their own businesses!"

 Please sign them up Coldwell Banker agents, of course!

This great team may be reached at [714] 459-1909, at [800] 362-0561, and on the web at http//, and at Email;


"The extra effort it takes [Home tour] really makes a difference!" ...Siobhan Ulnick


The Yorba Linda office of Coldwell Banker boasts many able and skillful agents. Philip Justice belongs to the multi-million dollar club and sold $4,000,000. worth of property in 1995 and $5,000,000. in 1996. He states that this has been a year of transition for him due to the Quantum Home Tour training. It is interesting that despite committing himself to this technique and revising his methodology he managed to sell the 8 listings he had this year, and last week's program resulted in a double-ended transaction of a P.U.D. He reports that that same home tour brought out 30 couples on Saturday and 50 on Sunday.

Philip approaches his programs very deliberately and mails out invitations faithfully. His placement of the 40 signs every other week brings reactions from neighbors who believe that his home tours are conducted every week!

Philip now says that he has 2 buyers who are "clients", 16 buyers who are "prospects", and 70 -75 "suspects" in the Quantum Learning technique known as a "jelly-bean jar". Most of these come from the home tours held this year.

Mr. Justice admits that the Home Tours take extra effort, and sometimes wishes for two or three people more on his home tours every other week. But, it is supremely worth it.

Philip may be reached at [714]777-8778:ext.331, and at Email .


"People want to talk and discuss their needs far more with the Home Tour method!" ...Joan Connell

June production blossomed for Joan Connell of Yorba Linda. Joan attended Quantum Home Tour training sessions recently, and plans to use the techniques she learned on the four listings she took this month.

Joan credits her Quantum training with increasing her ability to understand her clients' hopes and anxieties which directly contributed to her five sales in June!

She says she especially benefitted from the camraderie and support she found at Quantum classes, and recognizes a sense of renewed dedication and redirection in her business.

Nine transactions in a single month is a grreat acheivement from any perspective. Good work, Joan!

Joan's phone is [714] 777-8778 ext.320. Her pager is: [714] 291-2265.


The Capistrano Beach office is the home away from home of Malcolm Gillies and Siobhan Ulnick who work together on the home tours. June production for each of them brought big smiles. On one home tour held in May, 25 couples visited Saturday and close to 50 on Sunday. Siobhan met with a client who later purchased property from her. Mal met with two families who later listed with him.

On their lastest adventure in June, Mal contacted a man who bought the listing, met with another who wishes to purchase a $350,000. home for cash, this week accepted a counter-offer on a $247,000. home from a client he met there, and closed escrow on June 30th on a $250,000. purchase from the same home tour. Mal also met with a family who wish to list their San Clemente home in the $400,000. range in the near future.

Siobhan sold the home that was listed in May, and has four transactions in escrow, now. She says,"The home tour experience brings in more qualified buyers; the extra effort really makes a difference. People appear more open to talking in the home tour setting.

This type of positive response is welcome news to all of us in the business. We have a great tool in the Quantum Home Tour, a new concept in Real Estate in Orange County. Many home buyers and sellers voice their praise for these techniques.

Malcolm may be called at [714]661-9355; and at Email at MAL65@AOL.COM .

Siobhan's phone number is also [714]661-9355.

The comingled aromas of baking cookies and brewing coffee prompts the "warm fuzzies" in some folks!
...Philip Justice

 A quiet, unassuming lady in the Tustin office, Barbara Alsborg holds the Quantum Home Tour twice a month alone! She bakes the cookies, and sends out the notices, and visits in the neighborhood, and greets the guests, and sold the listing she used for the home tour, then picked up three clients who plan to list their homes this month.

 Barbara begins at 8 A.M. to bake, and to put out her signs, and to set up the home, and realizes an increasing number of people to her tours every time.

Barbara's available at [714]832-0020, ext.125. She may also be found on the web at .

 Look for more success stories about your fellow agents from week to week in our upbeat, encouraging journal. We hope you find it as positive and uplifting as we did in writing it.