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"I held a Quantum Home Tour™ on a property in Orange Park Acres during the month of April and sold that property in the $900,000. range and listed the buyers previous property for $322,500. Then listed his fiancee's condo for $125,000. and double-ended it! I then listed his mother's home for $265,000. and he referred me to a man who wants to buy a home in the $2,000,000. range. I later met with a client who needs a home worth $1,500,000! This really works. It takes a lot of time, but time that is very well spent. The rewards are enormous." Ena Vorobieff from Tustin

¨ What is a Quantum Home Tour™?

The Quantum Home Tour™, with its time proven, highly praised, proprietary techniques, provides buyers and sellers with a profound sense of well-being. The Quantum Home Tour™ is based on Quantum's principles of Scientific Marketing developed at MIT by Douglas M. Yeaman. This system utilizes powerful one on one training classes that allow the real estate agent to realize more sales, more listings, more profitable relationships, and more satisfaction and fulfilment from the effort involved.

The Quantum Home Tour™ training sessions conduct role-playing, hands on, self-enabling classroom techniques which provide step by step scripts and skills that easily integrate into your own personal approach and methodology.

This is a new concept in real estate. Many agents have already experienced major breakthroughs in their business transactions.

" We sold my listing from the previous Quantum Home Tour and I have 4 transactions in escrow now, and have had 5 sales since we began this technique. The Quantum Home Tour works better for me than floor time. The extra effort makes a big difference. People are really open to talking. I find the Quantum Home Tour brings in more 'qualified' buyers than the 'open house' method. One neighbor told me that this process had really caught the fancy of the neighborhood.:" Siobhan Ulnick from Capistrano.

¨ What Graduates Say about the Training:

"I attended Quantum training sessions recently, and plan to use the techniques I learned there on the four listings I took this month. I definitely credit my trraining there with an increased ability to understand my clients hopes and anxieties which contributed directly to my 5 sales this month. I especially benefitted from the camraderie and support I found at Quantum classes and I recognize a sense of renewed dedication and redirection in my business." Joan Connell writes from Yorba Linda:

Here are some responses: Malcolm Gillies; Capistrano Beach. "I believe in it, just do it. It works. I ask for appointments and I get them." Ena Vorobieff; Tustin. "It [Quantum Home Tour] has changed my approach. The results in my business are phenominal!

" Siobhan Ulnick; Capistrano Beach; "The Quantum Home Tour experience brings in more qualified buyers. The extra effort makes a big difference, people are really open to talking in the Quantum Home Tour setting."

Joan Connell; Yorba Linda; "I especially benefitted from the camraderie and support I found in the Quantum Home Tour classes and I recognize a sense of renewed dedication and redirection in my business." Sign on now, renew your committments to yourself and to your career.

Malcolm Gillies from Capistrano writes: "I believe in the Quantum Home Tour concept. Just go do it, and don't be afraid to ask for appointments. I do, and I get them. We entertained 25 to 30 couples on the Saturday tour and more than 50 on Sunday. We sold our May listing in June and picked up another buyer, had two more sales, one in the $350,000. range and the other in the $250,000. range. We also met a client who listed their $400,000. home with us. We have 3 other clients we're still working with. We began to see these results the second Quantum Home Tour we did."