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Douglas M. Yeaman’s
Biographic Portfolio
At the age of 14 he built his first working
rocket, (see photograph) designing the engine
and performance capabilities, with a conver-
gent-divergent nozzle and fueled by a zinc-sulfur
solid fuel. (The first launch blewwww up. The
second went over 2000 feet!)
At the age of 15 he built his first binary
computer from scratch design, learning binary
code and number system in the process. This
was created from relays and wire, with no
outside design help and performed simple
addition. He won first place and a trip sponsored
by the Navy to San Diego and aboard an aircraft
carrier, plus a trip to Point Magu missile testing
station where he participated in a test launch
(see photographs above).
At the age of 16 he built a transistor, flip-
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