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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Gas prices going UPPPPP?

Gas prices going UPPPPP?

It is now becoming time to look at the realties of energy and fuel. It is hard for anyone seeing the obscene prices of gas and their concomitant obscene increase in profits for the oil companies to not suspect a conspiracy. It is absurd to think that oil is part of a free market and that gasoline prices are the result of the simple costs of a shortage and hurricane Katrina.

One emerging breakthrough that we can all use is the addition of a simple household product: acetone. In a recent report and in documentation at:
and many individuals are seeing increases of gasoline fuel efficiency, by as much as 35%. Acetone is the primary ingredient in fingernail polish remover...however DON'T ADD THAT TO YOUR GASOLINE! It often contains oils and fragrances to make it more "user friendly". But, you can buy it pure from your local drugstore or hardware store for pennies.

Where to Get Acetone
The pure acetone label is the only additive suggested and is easily available from most drug stores in 16-ounce plastic bottles and in one-gallon containers from some large fleet farm supply stores. But any acetone source is better than none. Containers labeled acetone from a hardware store are usually okay and pure enough to put in your fuel. We prefer cans or bottles that say 100-percent pure. The acetone in gallons or pints we get from Fleet Farm are labeled 100 % pure. The bottles from Walgreen say 100 % pure. Never use solvents such as paint thinners or unknown stuff in your gas. Toluene, benzene and xylene have been okay if they are pure but may not raise mileage except when mixed with acetone. However the aromatics also raise octane. (By the way, make sure to read the reports and cautions for use before you actually add to your gasoline. Acetone will destroy paint and plastics; which is why it is used in fingernail polish removers.)

How Much To Use

The actual amount to add is 2.5 ounces per 10 gallons. LESS IS MORE! If you go to the linked website you will find the research and reports of other users by car. Results vary by automobile and gas.

You may find out more about this with a Google Search:

Louis LaPointe was one of the first to report on this and his website and research is impressive.

If it works...why doesn't anyone in the petroleum industry or government know about it? Let me think for a moment...can you say "profit"? I quote directly from the

"Has Not Been Warmly Received

Questions asked of someone in the petroleum industry regarding ACETONE will often automatically trigger a string of negative reactions and perhaps false assertions. We may have heard them all. The mere mention of this additive represents such a threat to oil profits that you may get fabricated denials against the successful use of acetone in fuels.

The author has never found any valid reason for not using acetone in gasoline or diesel fuel. Plus it takes such a tiny amount to work. No wonder they fear this additive."

Oil is the lubricant of our economy. It doesn't just drive cars it drives profits and careers. We live in a system that will only be changed by individuals expressing personal responsibility for their outcomes. I heard one of the talking heads on Fox News say, "the one lesson of Katrina is that our government can not and will not take care of us." This is true not only with that tragedy but with our economic and energy futures as well.

Check out the website on free energy and alternative energy sources created by the late Eugene Mallove who debunked and exposed the fraud around the attacks and assaults on Cold Fusion. (Most of you know my views on Cold Fusion and how the "nuclear fusion" proponents sabotaged it.)


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Doug Yeaman