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does emanates from a sense of his/her
company’s potential, and that enables
the manager to act, not react.  No
matter how large or small a business, if
there is no vision, the person in charge
can do nothing but respond to things as
they are.”
Laser™ training demonstrates that
the lack of an overall vision permeates
all the operations of a company.  This
is because, even when managers see
opportunities for improvement, they
can’t know with certainty what they
can expect from their organization in
terms of carrying them out.
Trimming the Waste of
Many of the methods developed
by Quantum Management and used in
Laser™ Training are, you could say,
unconventional.  For example, recruit-
ing . . .
In Laser™, managers are encour-
aged to double their staffs in a year.
This invariably meets with protests
from executives, who feel they are
already supervising all the people they
can manage.  They are also reluctant to
take time from an already full schedule
to seek out and interview potential
candidates.  And, of course, they point
out their payrolls could never handle
such a personnel increase.
This is where Laser™’s unique
recruiting philosophy really makes a
difference.  As Middough Ewell notes,
“Managers who want to actualize a
vision of steady growth can’t do it
using traditional management tech-
was a "guts and glory” occupation,
executives didn’t seem much troubled
by staff morale, under-productivity and
motivation.  The boss was THE BOSS,
and staff were, well . . . replaceable.
Today, companies are becoming more
aware of the high cost of employee
attrition and under-utilization.  But until
recently, employers have had little
control over this human factor that can
make or break their business.
However, a look at what a Long
Beach based management training group
has achieved shows a much brighter
future.  Under senior partners Doug
Yeaman, Doug Yeaman, and John
Nicodemus, Quantum Management has
spearheaded an executive training
program yielding impressive results in
profit increases.  The program is called
Laser™ Training, and, among the dozens
of institutions employing Laser™ meth-
ods, none has failed to dramatically
increase profits within a two year period.
Company Visionaries
The primary thrust of the program,
according to Yeaman, is to “Establish a
vision  for each company, so the man-
ager can retain control of the organiza-
tion rather than resorting to controlling
Laser™’s definition of “vision” is
having an unwavering knowledge of how
the manager wants his or her company to
be and how it can be.  It is this knowl-
edge that creates a fundamental differ-
ence between managers.  “With vision”
claims Yeaman, “everything a manager
by Suellen Mayfield
In days of yore, when management
Handle you,
not them.
Without an effective vision of
what you want and an effi-
cient way to implement it,
your staff can’t perform up
its capabilities.
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