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niques.  These techniques all use a one-
on-one approach, which is very time
inefficient.  Thus, growth becomes
predetermined by the manager's own
time limitations.”
Managers who participate in Laser™
Training learn to interview 50 candi-
dates at a time and know with certainty
which is best for them.
Laser™ also teaches a group man-
agement technique, so executives can
train and manage the staff it takes to do
the job, not the staff they have enough
time to supervise.  And a new accounta-
bility system ensures corporate leaders
of maximum production and “active
cooperation” by their staffs.
Proving Ground
When asked how managers could
justify significant increases in staffing
costs, Yeaman pointed out some
overlooked areas:  “Most executives
have no plan for attrition.  Unplanned
attrition is expensive.  An active
recruiting program saves on staff search
and production lag costs.  And Laser™
shifts budget priorities toward
directly income-generating personnel
and programs.  So, as you expand your
staff, you always have increases in
Perhaps most impressive are the
actual results of using Laser™ Manage-
ment methods.  Where traditional
wisdom would maintain that raising
personnel costs means lowering profits,
the experience of Laser™ graduates
proves, repeatedly otherwise.
Management Gems
An old adage has it that success is
made not from working hard, but
working smart.  Nowhere is this truer
than in a competitive business environ-
Through its Laser™ training
program Quantum Management may
have, at long last, come up with a way
to beat the system, simply by “working
For the seeking executive, here are
some pearls of wisdom taught in this
extensive training:
• Production rises to the lowest
acceptable standards.  You can’t achieve
maximum production by trying to
manage people instead of standards.
• A leader is someone who can
awaken and evoke the leadership skills
in others.  The  most profitable element
of your job is keeping your people
• You never have to fire anyone.
Once you enlist your company in
fulfilling your vision, it becomes
obvious who will go and who will stay.
(Not retaining “deadweight” is esti-
mated to save an average sized com-
pany up to $20,000 annually.)
Recruiting, managing company
standards, and creating accountability . .
that’s all there is to it, really.  But
within these three major company areas
lies the world of mismanagement.  A
world, according to Doug Yeaman,
“Laser™ Training is committed to
Company owners and managers
who wish to learn more about the
Laser™ program can do so by calling
Quantum Management (619) 454-3094.
More people means more business.
New business start up for this real estate firm closely followed the projection through February.  In
May, a halt in recruitment resulted in a rapid decline in revenue.  Although recruiting began in
June, the accompanying lag in production resulted in a 8-month delay to reach the projected break-
even point (see dotted line extension).
Graph Showing Start-up
Profitability for New Of-
Recruiting means
Good managers hire
good people.
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