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The industry is generally
unwilling to make the
commitment to newcomers
necessary to become successful.
u We don’t tell people the truth
about the necessary preparation
and commitment.
u We are unwilling to invest in
and provide effective training.
u We do not allocate the
appropriate management
u We ignore the different needs
of new licensees compared to
seasoned agents
The result…..quality, otherwise
professional people oriented to a
truly professional business
environment scoff at the real
estate industry….they
immediately see that the
structure is largely positioned for
retirees with benefits and self
discipline gained from previous
experience, and cast offs who
couldn’t obtain or retain
employment with a professional
Complete and Integrated New
Agent Recruiting:
Recruit and Train new agents
faster and better and never lose
ONE you WANT to the
Lead New Agents to Success and
New JTM™ agents can be almost as
productive as seasoned...and, you can
be proud of them.
Build Your Company With
New Agent Company Dollar!
13 out of 14 new agents never
finish their second year. How
about 6 out of 10 at 50% split.
With most industry participants
subscribing to the status quo, the
opportunity exists for a
progressive, dedicated firm to
change the paradigm and make the
appropriate commitment to new
licensees by investing in and
embracing the JTM™Program.
The JTM™Program is the true
recruiting, training and
productivity breakthrough resource
with a proven system to radically
reverse the high turnover and
attrition rate in the business.
When a firm fully implements
the JTM™Program, competition
for the best new licensees is
virtually eliminated.
New Agents begin with the
company and immediately start in
a highly structured training
program and office operation with
a qualified Manager responsible
for following a proven, successful
system of preparing agents for and
equipping them with the resources
for quick production and long
term success.
New Agents to the JTM™Office
and training program agree to a
highly structured agenda of in-class
and field training.
Performance standards that are
rigorously and consistently
followed up on include prompt,
regular attendance, early
production, and certain restrictions
related to client development, focus
and management.
At the same time the real estate business touts it’s professionalism and value, the industry has failed miserably at
attracting and retaining the vast majority of people attempting to enter the business as a career.  Real Estate’s
black eye, indeed, is the high rate of turnover with statistics as high as 94% of new licensees failing before the
end of the second year.
Journey To Mastery™
A Fresh, Effective Approach to Recruiting and Training New Agents
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