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journey To Mastery™
A Fresh, Effective Approach to Recruiting and Training New Agents
Company Analysis and JTM Implementation Plan
JTM Recruiting Program
Recruiter selection, hiring
Recruiter training (marketing, scripts, contact mgmt)
New Hire program overview package
Pre-licensing School Sponsorship Program
Group Interview model (presentation script, format, set
up, closing)
Weekly conference call (reporting, tracking,
JTM Office Organization
Evaluate existing agents for JTM qualification
State licensing issues for office and manager
Set up program policies and procedures (QHT,
interaction w/other offices, agents)
JTM Training Program
SELL Training (Sales Environment Learning
Laboratory) 4 Days
Probing (Committing Communication)  3 Days
Quantum Home Tour  4 Days
Action Monday and Action Group
Local Technical Skills organization
Integrated company training program calendar
Identify and train mentors and team leaders
Conduct program introduction for experienced,
unproductive agent candidates
JTM Program Components
JTM™ Trainer Certifcation/Manater Training
Co Present
Certify on SELL, Probing, Quantum Home Tour
6 month process, complete each training 4 times
Action Monday and Action Group facilitation training
Data tracking
Weekly conference call (reporting, tracking,
Company Management and Staff Orientation/Training
JTM Program introduction, and company vision and
plan overview
Introduce redefined role of Manager (focus on
experienced agents, etc.)
JTM Recruiter and Trainer/Manager attend annual
JTM Conference
Monthly Progress Report Conference Call with company
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