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journey To Mastery™
A Fresh, Effective Approach to Recruiting and Training New Agents
The JTM™ Investment
The company hires a full time trainer who also serves as Manager of the JTM™ Office, a virtual office
operated largely from the company training facilities.  This trainer becomes certified over a six month period
to independently deliver the full JTM™ experience.
The company hires a full time Director of Recruiting to focus 100% on recruiting new licensees to the
The company owner or designee makes a weekly Group Interview presentation to licensee candidates
organized by the Director of Recruiting. This carefully scripted discussion focuses on truthful, frank
information, helpful in evaluating the real estate business as a career and the company resources.
The progress and the success of the graduating JTM™ agents has a profound, immediate impact on the
entire organization.  A culture of commitment, accountability, purpose, truthfulness, productivity, substantive
marketing value and results, and a higher level of professionalism emerges.  Everyone involved becomes
inspired to perform to a standard higher than ever before.
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