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journey To Mastery™
A Fresh, Effective Approach to Recruiting and Training New Agents
Sales Environment Learning Laboratory™
The Training Process
This is a commitment-based, activity-oriented training that is both
informational and transformational. It is not motivational, although
most people come out of the training both motivated and energized.
Agents learn techniques for creating success by making and  keeping
commitments and develop clarity about what is, and what is not, a
Out of this process, they will begin to see what is truly important and
apply the principles for success in all aspects of their life.
Accountability becomes a resource and support mechanism, not
parental or punishment. Those willing to commit to themselves, make
the concepts of this training their own and give them a fair chance to
work, find that they become extraordinarily empowered to achieve
The S.E.L.L.™ training is structured to bring out the power that is
already within an individual. It is the kind of power that lets one  look
life through ones own eyes —that lets a participant deal with life and
business on their own terms. The training deals specifically with
technologies that:
Enable you to increase your production,
Reduce the amount of time spent working and,
Generate an abundance of potential clients.
Here’s what they will learn:
How to develop a coherent prospecting pool of clients
(all they need and quickly!!!) (Prospecting that works!)
Identifying real clients from unreal clients so they stop
wasting time. (Client Management!)
Committing Communication™ — an in-depth
structured communication style that enables you to create
relationships and establish client needs; all buyers sign exclusive
right to represent buyer agreements.
Time Management, which gives you a way to of measuring
your progress precisely and making the necessary changes to
increase productivity and profitability.
Scientific Marketing—a unique approach to
generating an abundance of clients.
Some of the training comes out of analysis of the real empirical data that
has been obtained through numerous market research studies for clients.
The training does not rely on anecdotal methods, nor does it rely on
traditional real estate philosophy, but is rather principle based and
industry transparent. The principles work in many industries.
The results of experienced real estate graduates  are impressive.  The
training is  able to refocus  efforts and show how to increase production
by simply making small changes to their current business.  The training
asserts that “Real Estate is Not a Numbers  Game" but rather a relation-
ships business based on specific principles.
You do not improve your odds simply as a function of throwing the
dice more.  The training develops a revolutionary way that increases your
odds and the quality of the people you work with and, it shares that
system with participants.
Working efficiently will become second nature to you rather than
“guessing” at how you are doing. You will Know, with a capital “K”
that each step you take — finding your customers — establishing
whether they are for real —determining their wants and needs —
taking and closing transactions — is bringing you closer to your
chosen goal.
Participants will learn the about proven sales tools like “The Jelly Bean
Jar” and how to fill the jar to increase productivity. They will feel as
comfortable with these tools as with a pair of old shoes.
On a daily basis, participants will Know the sense of accomplishment
and growth, both professionally and personally. You will Know that
competence and confidence spring from your own deep, internal
conviction and that:
That working harder at what doesn’t work, doesn’t work!
That working smarter, does!
That relationships are the cornerstones of success!
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