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journey To Mastery™
A Fresh, Effective Approach to Recruiting and Training New Agents
Real Estate Brokerage
Industry tRENDS
Traditional real estate sales training, the management process, and traditional new agent expectations
continue to generate traditional mediocre results.
A comprehensive study published in 1995 revealed that only 1 out of 13 new licensees are still in the
business after 2 years, reflecting a general failure as an industry to professionally support industry newcomers.
New licensees are more important now to every company than ever before.  They are younger, better
educated and more technologically advanced.   They bring fresh energy to an industry with a much older than
average age.  Because they make a bigger commitment than the average industry newcomer in the past, their
expectations for training and leadership support are much higher, and their contributions much faster.
Profits from real estate brokerage operations are lower than ever forcing companies to diversify into other
businesses often distracting the firm from it’s core competency and success.   Production from lower quartile
agents or new agents is weak and lowers overall margins.
Brokerage leadership remains in a generally weak position in the agent/broker relationship.  This is partially
due to a lack of value in leadership and training support.
A concerning downward trend in commission rates exists largely due to a lack of perceived and actual value
in the service offering by the company and agents.
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